Our goal is to create an ever advancing society heart, mind and body. We seek to discern and utilize all the resources of the present day to do our part in accomplishing this endeavor. If this in some way  mirrors your vision for your educational service we would love to have a conversation as to how we can collaborate utilizing our resources and facility to enhance your educational mission. 

Education colleagues

The Longhope Retreat Learning Preserve is a relatively new undertaking yet built on the foundation of decades of educational research, consultation, practice and review. 




Shari A. Rognstad is a long time administrator and steward of public funds for adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities. She is the Executive Director of Summit Support Services of Ashe, Inc, which gives her the opportunity to practice problem solving and create training opportunities for people with varying abilities. Shari’s tenacity, focus, and love of people are strengths she brings to a job and to other service opportunities in which she participates.  As a community member she serves in various capacities to help others reflect on their own journey.  For three decades, she has taught weekly children and youth classes whose curriculum includes learning about and practicing virtues and building a moral character. Shari enjoys time alone and with friends as she uses her strengths to serve her mountain community.


Ronald Rognstad has sought to understand the human condition and the psychology of achievement since before his college years when he received his degree in Psychology. With a focus on experiential education and the goal of integrating joy, knowledge and movement, Ron created the Dreampark Adventure, a maze through an evergreen forrest where participants choosing a variety of learning expeditions explored educational sites sprinkled along their way. This learning park had, among other activities, a twenty foot rocket where they could turn knobs, push buttons and learn about the world of planets, stars and astronauts or put knee pads and gloves on to giggle their way through 200 ft of above ground mine shaft ending in a cave where they studied rocks and minerals. This pioneering Outdoor Learning Adventure inspired the desire to move through learning in joy and this embodies Ron's educational labors. Father of four happy, healthy successful adults. 


Beckie Ballard is a certified Brain Gym practitioner who has been educating teachers, administrators, parents, and individuals for 24 years. She is dedicated to helping others understand the power of movement to influence learning. Beckie clarifies her practice saying, “I teach about basic physiology of the brain and body, using movements that help to integrate the two together.” She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Education and has worked in over 200 elementary schools, she has logged over 1500 hours studying in neuroscience, neurophysiology and wholistic medicine.  She has two children (both with high academic and athletic achievements) and likes to hike, read and do yoga.  For more information about Beckie, visit her website below.



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